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The Saalfelden Leogang region is the perfect destination to enjoy a hiking holiday. The unspoilt natural environment of this alpine region provides impressive scenery for exploring on foot. The rugged Steinberge mountain tops to the north and the soft, rolling hills to the south ensure fantastic views wherever your feet may take you. A well-signposted network of hiking trails connects the local mountains for limitless hiking pleasure. Do you fancy a stroll across blooming meadows or would you rather experience alpine cuisine at one of our gourmet mountain huts? Are you looking for a challenge across steep alpine terrain or to conquer summits? Whatever you prefer, scenic views and glistening mountain lakes are always near.

Considering this diversity, it isn’t surprising that our region is among hikers’ top destinations. Relaxation-seekers, ambitious hikers and mountaineers are all welcome to experience this treasure trove of hiking delights. At Salzburger Hof Leogang, we are happy to provide you with tips to help you discover happy trails.

Services for hikers
Included at Salzburger Hof, Leogang
  • Several guided hikes per week with our hotel’s certified hiking guide
  • Morning speed hikes, full-moon hikes and more special experiences
  • Hiking poles and backpacks available for rent
  • Digital information point with interactive trail maps
  • Saalfelden Leogang Card with free lift rides and more benefits
Hike from the hotel’s doorstep

Whether gentle walking or an adventurous mountain tour, Salzburger Hof Leogang is the ideal point of departure for all sorts of hikes, located only 99 metres from the Asitzbahn lift.

400 kilometres of hiking trails
99 metres from the mountain lift
Free rental equipment at the hotel
Diverse terrain for all fitness levels
Certified guides at the hotel
A real gem

Amid the Austrian Alps


The Saalfelden Leogang region is one of the most expansive and diverse hiking regions in the Alps. Discover the rugged Leoganger Steinberge limestone mountains and gently rolling hills side by side. Over 400 kilometres of hiking paths provide limitless hiking bliss for nature lovers and mountaineers ready to explore Leogang.

Tour recommendations

For the Saalfelden Leogang hiking region

A place of quiet and calm

This family-friendly circular walk is for anyone looking to soak up some beautiful nature views. However, the highlight of this trip is the Einsiedelei Saalfelden, a hermitage overlooking Saalfelden. Not only children are impressed by this fascinating place. Located slightly above Schloss Lichtenberg castle, the hermitage and its little chapel appear to be one with the mountain. It was built in the 17th century and remains one of Europe’s last occupied hermitages.


The starting point for this tour is the Bürgerau-Saalfelden parking lot. Take the footpath across a little bridge to the majestic Schloss Lichtenberg castle, which was first documented in 1281. Continue through the woods up to the hermitage. Wooden stairs and platforms provide access to the individual buildings and allow you to enjoy scenic views of Saalfelden and the surrounding mountains. Once you’re done exploring, you can continue to Bachwinkel, where an easy footpath leads back to the starting point. The duration for the circular walk is approximately one hour and a half.

Perfect for families

This easy hike is our recommendation for an outing with the entire family. The Riedlalm hut is a beautiful destination 1,228 metres above sea level. The idyllic hiking route takes you to this rustic alpine hut, where superb views of the surrounding mountains and hearty local delicacies and refreshments await. Lots of action and adventure for kids can be found at the hut’s playground. Or, how about trying out archery surrounded by beautiful scenery? If you still have a little energy left, you can extend your trip by ascending to the Riedlspitz mountain at 1,480 metres above sea level. It’s the highest point in the hiking region and where the Riedlalm hut is nestled.


This hike begins at Badhaus Leogang and is 4.8 kilometres with and 335 metres of elevation gain. Follow along the impressive Leoganger Steinberge mountains until you reach the Riedlalm hut at 1,228 metres above sea level. The hike takes approximately 1.5 hours and refreshments are served at the hut. There are two options to reach the hut:

Option 1: Close to Badhaus Leogang, there is a wooden bridge. At the bridge, turn right onto the broad path to Schlemmeralm hut. The path takes you to the hut via beautiful meadows and through thick forests. 

Option 2: Follow the road from Badhaus Leogang to the Riedlhof farm. Now, you can either take the forest road or the slightly steeper trail up to the Riedlalm hut.

Demanding tour with rewarding views

This hike is a real classic and equally popular with locals and tourists. The destination of the trip is the stunningly located Peter-Wiechenthaler-Hütte mountain hut. From the sun-drenched terrace, you can enjoy a fantastic panorama of the Salzburg mountain world. The hut is owned by the Austrian Alpine Association and not only popular for taking a break after a strenuous hike. It is also an important base for mountaineers venturing farther to one of the many summits in the region. Up here, you can also regularly meet alpinists making a stop here on their journey across the Alps. The hut can either be reached via a regular footpath or by taking a detour via the Jägersteig path. However, the latter is only suited for experienced hikers and mountaineers.


The tour begins at the Bachwinkel parking lot in Saalfelden. Follow the signposted path through a thick forest section, followed by some more difficult, rocky terrain. Caution: on sunny days, the way across the rocks can be become very strenuous due to the heat. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and plenty of water. Continue along the path, taking you directly to the mountain hut. Here, you should treat yourself to some refreshments and take a moment to savour the spectacular 360-degree view. Once you’ve replenished your energy after this two-and-a-half hour hike, you can make your way back to the valley.

There’s also an alternative path to the hut for more experienced alpinists with sure-footedness and a good head for heights. Half-way up, you can leave the regular footpath and take the demanding Jägersteig path. Allow five and a half hours if you plan on taking this route and be prepared for a real challenge.

Impressive icescape

This hike takes you on a geological journey of discovery to the natural monument of Birnbachloch. This mesmerising sight represents the 20-metre-wide entrance to a karstic spring. The shimmering, crystal-clear waters of the spring are reminiscent of a pristine lake. In fact, researchers thinkg the spring stems from an underground lake that could be a part of a vast hidden system of caves. Only a few hundred metres from the Birnbachloch monument, you will find the Birnbachlochgletscher glacier, the lowest situated glacier in Middle Europe.


Begin your tour at the Steinbergstadion football pitch in Leogang. Follow along the footpath through the fairy-tale Wetzsteinwald forest to the Leoganger Ullachtal valley parking lot. From here, the trail takes you across a dried-out brook bed and luscious meadows to the Passauer Hütte mountain hut. Follow the signposted trail to the northwest, leading you through rocky terrain that’s becoming more and more barren. The mountain pines growing on the limestone give this environment its very distinct, rough character. Shortly before you arrive at your destination, the Birnbachloch monument, you should stop to take in the impressive view of the fascinating Birnbachgletscher glacier. Fun fact: in the 19th century, Munich beer brewers used the ice from the glacier to cool their beer cellars on hot summer days. The ice was transported across hundreds of metres on wooden slides into the valley.

You can either take the same way back or choose a different, yet slightly more exposed path back to Leogang, provided you aren’t scared of heights. Take the suspension bridge at the Unterstandshütte hut to the inn of Gasthof Priesteregg continue onto the signposted path towards your starting point.

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