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Not many words are needed to describe the unforgettable architecture of Salzburger Hof Leogang: modern, yet traditional. That says it all. Large window fronts meet traditional carpets, classic spruce rooms meet modern climbing walls and wood meets stone, hence the naming of two section of our hotel HOLZLEO (wood) and STEINLEO (stone).

Wood Meets Stone

The hotel sections HOLZELEO and STEINLEO have two distinctly different themes due to their chosen materials. STEINLEO has a natural stone façade whereas the façade of HOLZLEO  is built with beautiful spruce timber.

Re-interpretation of Tradition

Starting from the moment the guests arrive the exceptional architecture of Salzburger Hof Leogang can be an experience. The entrance was specifically designed with deciduous wood to greet the guests as they cross the pavilion. Pine also plays an important part in the hotels architecture as it is a prominent feature in the wellness areas. Another remarkable design element is the hotel’s observation deck which is welded into the shape of a crystal. Within this crystals view, all three summits of the Steinberg mountains can be gazed upon.

Architectural Highlights at Salzburger Hof Leogang

  • Gym FIT-LEO

    High above the two parts of the hotel is the hotel gym FIT-LEO. The gym seems to float diagonally between both hotel parts and even received a prize in architecture. Due to the large window fronts the guests have a great panoramic view on the mountain scenery while training with modern cardio and strength equipment.

  • Traditional Carpets

    Inside the hotel various traditional patchwork quilts are used as design elements that bring authenticity and regional tradition to the hotel. Either on the floors as carpets or on walls the colourful quilts give the hotel a special alpine atmosphere.

  • Labstangen - wooden poles

    On the ceilings in certain hotel areas wooden poles can be found. Traditionally, those poles were used by farmers to dry herbs, hops or corn. At Salzburger Hof Leogang those poles are used as design elements in the hotel lobby, restaurant or seminar rooms.

  • Crytal shaped observation deck

    On the roof of the HOLZLEO part of the hotel is a observation deck shaped as a crystal. That crystal shows the silhouette of the three summits of the Steinberg mountains facing the hotel. The highly visible design attracts the attention of all visitors of the region.

Medieval Signs

These signs were used in the Middle Ages as protection from evil spirits, demons, diseases and any kind of harm.

Traditionally, carved figures, like heads of horses, cows, goats or dragons were found at doors, gates or roofs. In the hotel Salzburger Hof Leogang the medieval signs can be found at walls, pictures, brochures or ceilings.

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