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Answers to frequently asked questions

This page is designed to provide you with all of the relevant information for your holiday. Find all answers at a glance and don’t hesitate to contact us if you should have any additional questions.

General information

  • Please find the most important information regarding the accessibility of our hotel on our website.

  • We are also happy to provide you specific information regarding the accessibility of our offers on the phone and answer all your questions concerning your upcoming holiday.

  • Our website was designed with the special needs of visually impaired users in mind.

  • Our offers are also listed in respective information media for persons with disabilities.


  • The hotel is situated only 150 metres from the next bus station.

  • We offer separate parking for people with disabilities.

  • The footpath from the accessible parking area to the main entry is slightly inclined, but free of any barriers or obstacles.

  • The path from the accessible parking facilities to the entry is cobbled.


  • Please note that there is a 3cm threshold at the entrance to the hotel.

  • The door is an automatic side sliding door with 900 mm width. The door opens automatically once approached and closes with a slight delay. It’s a glass door with respective markings and there is a clear space of 1.5 metres forward and behind.


  • Our reception is designed to provide easy access. There are no stairs or other barriers.


  • All of our rooms are easily accessible and don’t require climbing stairs.

  • The hallway leading to the rooms is at least 1.2 metres wide.

  • All doors provide a clear space of 1.5 metres forward and behind.

  • The rooms have plenty of free space to move around.

  • Room features include desks and shelves with a kneehole space allowing access for wheelchair users.

  • Wardrobe hooks are easy to reach at a maximum height of 1.5 metres.

  • The beds have a height of 0.5 metres.

  • Light switches, door handles, power outlets, temperature control panels and other amenities are positioned at accessible heights.

  • Additional mobility features to make your stay as comfortable as possible are available at the reception.

  • The hotel also offers wheelchair-accessible showers and toilets.

  • Portable shower seats with a height of 0.5 metres are provided.


  • Our staff is committed to ensuring our hotel facilities are as accessible as possible. They are trained in accommodating accessibility needs and happy to provide assistance wherever needed.

At the hotel, we offer an exclusive selection of Mondraker mountain bikes and e-bikes to rent:

Mondraker mountain bike rental rates:

  • Half day (three hours): €15 per bike

  • Full day (six hours): €25 per bike

  • To participate in guided trips: €15 per bike

Mondraker e mountain bike rental rates:

  • Half day (three hours): €23 per bike

  • Full day (six hours): €45 per bike

  • To participate in guided trips: €23 per bike

Your room is available for check-in from 14:00 on the day of your scheduled arrival. If you arrive early, you are welcome to use our changing and storage facilities while waiting for your room to be ready.

We request that you vacate your room by 11:00 on the day of your scheduled departure so that we can prepare your room for the next guests.

The wellbeing and safety of our guests and team are our top priority. Therefore, we have undertaken a range of measures to counteract the spread of Covid-19. On our site Safe travels, we provide up-to-date information on the current situation and measures taken.

House-trained dogs are welcome to stay with you in any of our rooms at the STEINLEO building. Please bring a blanket or your dog’s own bed as the hotel furniture, including beds and sofas, are reserved for humans only. The fee is €25 per night and dog, excluding food.

Please note that due to hygiene regulations your four-legged friend is not allowed into the spa areas or restaurant. We will be happy to reserve a spot for you to dine together at our Joggltisch table outside the main dining hall.

Plenty of parking is available for free at the hotel. We will also be happy to reserve a space for you in our garage. The surcharge is €10 per night and space.

Cancellations must be communicated in writing and addressed directly at Hotel Salzburger Hof. The following cancellation rules apply under regular circumstances:

  • Cancellation is free up to two months prior to your scheduled arrival.
  • If cancellation is made between two months and one week before arrival, a cancellation fee of 60% of the booking sum applies. 

  • Cancellations with less than one week’s notice will be subject to a fee of 80% of the booking sum and for early departures a fee of 90% applies. Please note that the Austrian General Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry apply.

In order to save you the expenses of cancellation and make booking as convenient as possible for you, we offer travel insurance with the Europäische Reiseversicherung.

Enjoy peace of mind even in times of Covid-19. We have adapted our cancellation conditions  to ensure carefree booking. More information is available here.

Any open questions?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

Our team is here for you!
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