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At the Salzburger Hof Leogang, your wellbeing matters to us. We want you to leave the stress and strain of daily life far behind and simply relax. That is why we have created a range of treatments, each of which can be fully personalised to meet your individual needs. Our team will be happy to advise you on the right treatment for you, from relaxing massages to detoxifying body scrubs and invigorating sports treatments.


Sports massage

Our full-body massage for after sports is perfect for releasing tensions in the muscles.

50 mins. € 70
Biker's massage

A particular focus is placed on the back and leg muscles - perfect for bikers.

25 mins. € 40
Hiker’s massage

This massage is specifically designed to treat tired legs and feet after long hikes through the mountains.

25 mins. € 40
Individual massage

Various massage techniques are combined, depending on your body’s needs.

25 mins. € 40
50 mins. € 70
Aromatic oil massage

Relaxing body massage that combines a nourishing base oil with special essential oils. Choose between a revitalizing boost or a calming effect on your body and mind.

25 mins. € 40
50 mins. € 70
Foot reflexology massage

Foot reflexology targets specific acupressure points on your feet to positively affect the corresponding organs, muscles and body systems.

25 mins. € 40
Hot stone massage

Hot stones are gently applied to your body. Feel waves of relaxation wash over you as deep-seated tensions and blockages melt away. The warmth of the stones eases sore muscles and is especially recommended after intense activity.

70 mins. € 92
Singing bowl massage

The singing bowl massage delivers an experience for all the senses. Gentle vibrations harmonise body and soul, providing you with a feeling of ultimate relaxation.

70 mins. € 85
Honey-Ginger Massage


A honey and ginger massage stimulates the detoxification process because it deeply affects the skin. The harmonic scent supports the balance of body and soul.

25 mins. € 45
Candle massage

The wonderful scent of the massage candle enhances the senses and provides a balancing state for body and mind. Through the candle's wax made from skin-caring coconut oil and besswax makes the massage especially smooth and is an experience for body and senses.

25 mins. € 45
50 mins. € 78

Body treatments


Taping is a great way to relieve pain and reduce inflammation and swellings using an elastic, adhesive tape (without active ingredients).

10 mins. € 15
15 mins. € 25

A traditional german method that works against tension and pain. Glasses are placed on the skin that create a vacuum so tensions can be released.

25 mins. € 40
Detox wrap

A special detoxifying wrap is applied to your skin to clear your body from toxins and moisturise your skin.

25 mins. € 40
Lymphatic massage

With gentle pushing movements, our skilled spa therapists release blockages so that fluids can move freely through the lymphatic system. This helps removing toxins from the body.

Face or body 25 mins. € 40
Body 50 mins. € 70
Full-body scrub

The scrub removes dead skin cells and increases blood circulation, leaving your skin feeling flexible and renewed. This has a positive impact on your tissue metabolism.

25 mins. € 40
Full-body scrub & detox wrap

The scrub removes dead skin cells and the skin is perfectly prepared for the wrap. A special detoxifying wrap is applied to your skin to clear your body from toxins and moisturise your skin.

50 mins. € 70

Bath experiences

Activating bath

The mountain pine bath has a regenerating, revitalizing and warming effect on muscles - perfect after sports activities.

30 mins. € 45
Feel-Good bath

A bath with pure salt and oil that purifies the body. The minerals and oils guarantee soft skin after the bath.

30 mins. € 45
Relaxing bath

Enjoy a foam bath from the swiss pine with a calming effect on the nerve system due to the essential oils.

30 mins. € 45
Romantic bath

Enjoy a romantic rose bath for two with a glass of sparkling wine.

30 mins. € 55
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Schedule your personal appointment by email or on the phone to secure your date and treatment of choice in advance. You are also welcome to book an appointment during your stay with us.

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A spa break at the Salzburger Hof Leogang is the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself. Enjoy exclusive treatments, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on your next adventure.

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