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Climbing Rope Climbing and Bouldering Right at Salzburger Hof Leogang


The Salzburger Hof Leogang is a Climber’s Paradise

Even from a distance, the Salzburger Hof Leogang stands out with its 15-meter-high outdoor climbing wall. Ready for a spontaneous session? Our 250 square meter KRAXL-LEO offers 19 different routes that guarantee maximum climbing entertainment for both beginners and advanced climbers. With regard to the level of difficulty of the routes, there is everything from three to nine: about half of the 19 routes are in the third to sixth difficulty level, while levels starting from the seventh degree that even experienced climbers  will be challenged.

Every beginner is offered an introductory courses every week where you can learn how to best use your weight. Because climbing requires both stamina and balance and strength technique is essential.

You Climbing Holidays

  • 15m high in-house wall with 19 different routes
  • rental of harnesses, ropes and belay devices
  • trial climbing with the hotel's own Sport Concierges
  • numerous parks and routes in the area
  • free GoPro rental

Here you go, boulder lovers!

Sure we don’t forget about boulder fans: the #homeofsports has its own, 50 square meter boulder room in the basement, which offers not only an alternative for bad weather conditions, but also for one or the other exciting boulder sessions in between.

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    Outdoor climber’s paradise Saalfelden Leogang

    Saalfelden Leogang is perfect for climbing. Especially the rocky walls of the Leogang Steinberge and the “Steinerne Meer” in Saalfelden offer a wide range of possibilities for all sorts of skill levels. From the family-friendly climbing garden via ferrata and challenging sport climbing routes – experience what the region has to offer!

    The sports hotel Salzburger Hof Leogang is located in the middle of the climbing pleasure. Directly opposite are the impressive Leoganger Steinberge with the peaks Hochzint, Fahnenköpfl and Kaffeeköpl, which offer 24 climbing routes from the 3rd to the 8th degree of difficulty. All alpine sport climbers – and those who want to become one, can take good care of all around the Passauer Hütte.

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