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    The Abergalm hut
    Mountain hut stays in Salzburg Land
    A unique experience
    Alpine hut living Amid unspoilt nature
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    The Abergalm hut
    Mountain hut stays in Salzburg Land
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    The Abergalm hut
    Mountain hut stays in Salzburg Land

Combine your four-star-superior holiday with the luxury of simplicity by spending a night at our rustic Abergalm mountain hut. Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that are most beautiful: silence, interrupted only by the crackling of the warm fireplace and the sounds of nature.

While staying at our mountain hut, you don’t have to worry about anything. We make sure everything you need – from your luggage to delicious food – is already here by the time you arrive. Enquire about our unique offer for mountain hut living and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Your mountain living experience

Our reception team will provide you with detailed directions and all the information you need about the Abergalm hut. You can either choose to hike up to the hut on foot, which takes approximately one and a half hours, or drive to the Unterberghaus parking lot by car. From the Schaubergwerk Leogang, it’s only a short 15 to 20 minutes’ walk to the hut.

Before embarking on your journey, you can drop off your luggage at the reception. Your host will personally transport everything you need up to the hut. He will be there to welcome you upon arrival and take you on a little tour through the hut. He will share some interesting facts and stories as well as everything you need to know to make the most of your stay here. This includes how to cook on the wood-burning stove in the ancient kitchen or how best to enjoy a mountain barbecue.

Once all questions are answered, the host will leave so you can make yourself at home and immerse yourself wholly in this rustic alpine living experience. Savour the quiet, cook up a cosy barbecue and soak up the fresh air, nature views and candle-lit atmosphere. Sleep in and take your time to say goodbye to this lovely place in the mountains. We will welcome you back to the hotel whenever you’re ready. 

Of course, we’ll also bring your luggage back to the hotel. Leave the keys at the reception once you return and we will arrange for everything to be picked up.

The highlights of your mountain hut stay:

  • Luggage service

  • Generous picnic basket filled with everything you need for a barbecue and to prepare a delicious breakfast

  • Fully equipped hut

  • The peace and quiet of nature

Looking to create unforgettable moments?

Get in touch now. We are delighted to plan your individual mountain hut stay, so that you can dive into the unique world of our historic Abergalm mountain hut.

Our team is here for you!