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Activity Programme at Salzburger Hof Leogang Sport is what we love


At your #homeofsports, being active is on the daily agenda, no matter how active and fit you are. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to participate in numerous sport activities from our weekly activity programme every day. It’s up to you whether you start your day with a fascial training, discover the best trails with our Sports Concierges or explore the area on your own. The different courses are offered weekly  and vary depending on the season.

Example of our weekly programme

Our activity programme - just for you

  • Fascial Roll Training

    Fascial roll training dissolves “sticky” fascia and stimulates the metabolism. In addition, the performance of the body is increased and the movements become smoother.

  • Warm-Up & Stretching

    A warm-up before exercise is very important to the body in many ways. As a result, the muscles become more elastic and the gliding ability of the tendons and ligaments is increased. In addition, the training stimulates the metabolism and reduces the risk of injury during sports.

  • Functional Training

    Functional training aims to move multiple muscle groups simultaneously. It is particularly on muscle groups of everyday life and tries to strengthen this targeted.

  • Water Aerobics

    Gentle, yet effective exercise in warm water is water aerobics. The water offers many benefits for those who want to stay fit or want to become fit. More specifically, the muscles are strengthened, the musculoskeletal system relieved and stimulated the metabolism.

  • Balance & Stretching

    This training is about the sense of balance and the activation of our deep muscles. Especially coordination and fine motor skills are improved during balance training and stretching.

  • Pilates

    Pilates is a systematic body workout to strengthen the muscles. The training aims to restore the body’s natural alignment and exercise new posture habits to increase agility and avoid unilateral stress. Through the exercises, the body is strengthened from the middle and thus gains the necessary stability for harmonious and stress-free movements.

  • Speed training

    The speed and endurance training strengthens muscle fibres, the reaction and the transmission of stimuli via the nerves. This is not only important in everyday life but also crucial for all moutainbikers and skiers.


  • Spinal Exercises

    The goal of spinal gymnastics is to specifically strengthen the core muscles to prevent back pain.

  • Trial Climbing

    Depending on the season – either on the outdoor climbing wall in summer, or in the boulder room in winter, learn how to best use your weight when climbing. Strength, endurance and balance are needed for a successful climb. Learn valuable techniques during trial climbing and let our Sports Concierges introduce you to the wisdom and technique of climbing.

  • Guides Hikes

    Our hiking guides Stefan and Michaela take you to the Leogang mountains. Depending on the ability and endurance of the participants, the routes are individually adapted.

    For all early birds speed hikes are offered, where you can walk about 1.5 hours before breakfast.

  • Guided mountainbike tours

    Experience the best bike trails with our guides Alex and Sabrina. They will teach you the right techniques and show you the most beautiful corners of the region which can only be reached by bike or on foot. The bike park is only a few steps away from the hotel to make this sport that much more convenient for your stay.


    Here at Salzburger Hof Leogang you can rent e-bikes directly. No matter if beginner or advanced, we have the right trails for you!

  • Snowshoeing

    A popular venture in our winter activity programme is snowshoeing. Discover the quiet, snowy landscapes with snowshoes. When snowshoeing our Sport Concierge Michaela leads you through untouched scenic snow trails. So leave the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in the silence of nature with Snowshoeing.

  • Ski Day with Alex

    Our ski guide Alex takes you on a ski day to the slopes of the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn. He shows you the most beautiful routes, the best views and the most traditional ski huts in all the region.

  • Vital- & Energy Check

    The well-known licensed mental coach Erwin Doringer helps you to increase your mental energy. Don’t only focus on physical health while at Salzburger Hof Leogang and let Doriniger make you holidays a well round healthy experience.

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